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Fuck Robots- sex on 350 rpm
2009-Jan-4 01:54 - Automatic Dildo Machine Fucking Brunette

Lauren peach is intrigued when she spies a special dildo machine that pumps on its own. She sucks on it in a round of head and tittie fucks it before she lays back and lets this dildo machine fuck her. She massages her clit while this machine takes over. She gets on all fours in a doggystyle bang that has her screaming with delight. This girl loves how hard this fake cock gets and feels inside of her tight twat. In fact, she likes it so much that she tickles her clit while it works her. She is feeling good like a horny girl should. She squeezes her tits and keeps working her magic with the machine giving her a dripping wet climax.


2008-Dec-6 23:44 - Hottie Masturbates With Mechanical Cock

Lovely porn slut Stacey Bronze doesn't know what to do when she stumbles upon this black mechanical monster cock. Her boobs are almost spilling out while she bends over to inspect it, and then she can't stop herself from sucking on it a little just to feel what having some a huge rod in her mouth feels like. She cups her boobs around the device, and makes up her mind to go further. She lies back and guides the cock into her moist hole, turning the machine up faster and faster and letting it brutalize her quivering quim. Soon she is screaming and shaking in pleasure as the cock pumps her closer to her long awaited orgasm.


2008-Nov-30 14:15 - A Big Machine Cock And A Horny Brunette

Betty really loves getting fucked hard, so she's very excited to try getting nailed by our fucking machine! Her eyes light up when she walks on the set and sees how big and hard the sex toy is just for her.. She lubes it up by giving it head, then get on all fours for doggystyle and works the plastic cock into her tight shaved pussy. She starts off slow, but is soon letting it take her in various positions like missionary while she tickles her clit with her legs spread wide apart. She rolls over and takes it just a bit more, enjoying the severe drilling until the machine makes her cum harder than she's ever had it.


2008-Nov-19 01:24 - Machine Relentlessly Fucks Stacked Blond

Sci fi hottie Loraine Sunset walks into the sex chamber and sees this amazing blue mechanical dildo in front of her. She can see the potential for extreme pleasure immediately and investigates the apparatus, taking the plastic cock in her mouth and enjoying the feel of the cock head on her tongue. She lies back and eases the tool in to her pussy, turning on the machine and spreading her legs even wider. The cock attachment lights up and glows while it's fucking her. She turns the machine up higher and higher, straightening her legs and arching her back as the machine relentlessly drives her to a loud and explosive climax.


2008-Nov-4 08:39 - Horny Redhead Rides On Top Of A Sybian

Randy is a horny redhead who approached the fucking machine like a sleek cat stalking its prey. She put her mouth and began to suck the rubber dildo of the machine to lube it up with her mouth. Then as Randy climbed up on top of it, she didn't immediately penetrate herself on the dildo, but rather slid it between her tits for a titty fucking. After awhile of stalking the machine and getting herself aroused, Randy finally impaled herself on the dildo and turned the machine on. The vibration and stimulation of the fucking machine made her see stars. She rode on top of it until she had a mindblowing orgasm.


2008-Oct-28 05:24 - Futuristic Mechanical Dildo Goes Matrix

With futuristic implications Martha Dawe takes on the new age fucking machine. It is literally just that. With drill like noises and motion this super nova dildo is designed to fuck the hardcore freak. Short haired patent leather wearing Martha is just that. She readily tastes the main option on the machine deep throating all it has to offer as it is fed to her on her back. It travels towards her shaved cunt and as it twists at high speed enters her pussy to ram her at full speed. She bends over knees to chest to take it on a different mode. Eventually propping herself to get inserted and popped in her pussy hard by this electric beast.


2008-Oct-1 05:00 - Riley Shy gets machine fucked into oblivian by deep hard pounding

Riley Shy is a saucy red head with deep blue eyes, a rock hard body and an eagerness to be a good girl. She takes her first machine on high, begs for more power on the second and finally meets her match with the fucksall. The last set is an endurance race for the near spent Riley as we use her submissive nature and work her over into orgasm denial bliss as she switches between The Black Magic and The Sybian right when she's on the verge of cumming.


2008-Sep-26 05:00 - 19 year old, tries machine fucking for the first time.

Here's a little weekend bonus with hot newcomer, Jessica Valentino. Jessica's 19 and just kinky enough to try fucking machines. She confesses in the opening interview that she can not cum without a vibrator and though she's not exactly a machine lover, Jessica does manage to have some very hot, genuine orgasms courtesy the machines and a variety of vibes for her sensitive clit. Have a great weekend!


2008-Sep-24 05:00 - Madison Young cums from hard machine fucking and bondage

Which button? The one in her hand that automatically releases every single one those naughty clothes pins pinching her milky white skin.
It's stating the rather obvious to say that Madison likes it hard, rough and overwhelming. Madison is teamed up with machinist J.S.Bishop for her first appearance ever on Like a kinky Goldilocks, Madison sneaks onto set, ignores the signs forbidding masturbating and decides to get off several times with the MK II. It's not long before she's busted and then the real fun begins including an all hole stuffing fuck fest with the Titan, The Snake AND The Octapussy. Welcome to fuckingmachines, Madison.


2008-Sep-17 05:00 - Brand new hot red head gets machine nailed for the first time.

Ami Emerson has been in the industry for just a few months so how better to pop her fetish cherry than right here at This smoking hot red head shows off her gymnast body as she discovers what unrelenting machine fucking is like. Her first orgasm with The Dragon makes her squirt and The Crystal Palace has her jumping away in a mess of sensitivity after a great, long pounding. She takes a teasing with The Little Guy as the machine alternates between vibration and penetration, going deeper into her pussy as she gets more turned on. She does the splits over our brand new machine - The Satisfyher - which smooth rapid fire stroke gives Ami a toe clenching, hair pulling, writhing orgasm. And yes, she is already booked for another round.


2008-Sep-10 05:00 - Four Hot babes machine fucked in the ass &pussy until they squirt

Day 2 of BootyCamp has our smoking hot foursome sweating in the California sun as they pair up and circuit fuck machines all afternoon. ArielX and Charley do their squats as The Hatchet pounds squirting orgasms out of them. Delilah and Harmony can't do a jumping jack to save their lives but watching them tear into the fucking machines more than makes up for it. Delilah takes an ass pounding while pussy licking Harmony. The Bunny Fucker is no match for Harmony's greedy pussy as she cums multiple times. And don't miss the bonus scene - cooling down with ice dildos on the Fucksalls - you will never look at a Popsicle on hot day the same way again!


2008-Sep-3 05:00 - Asian Squirts all over herself as machines pound her ass & pussy

Annie Cruz has impressed us with her squirting orgasms in all her FM shoots. She's shot 13 feet in the Great Fuck Off Olympics, hosed Flower Tucci, and has basically cum all over every piece of furniture we own. In this shoot Annie shows us her latest orgasmic trick as she launches her cum into her own mouth. She gets so wet and slippery, she curls her own hair! The set starts with a clit sucking from the new pulsating suction machine, The Octapussy followed by our g-spot banging machine - The Scorpion. This machine's unique thrusting has Annie squirting uncontrollably with the dick still inside her. But it's the double penetration and the anal fucking that really gets her off and has her cumming like mad all over our new set. The final interview is done with Annie riding the Sybian for a great screaming finish to a hot shoot.


2008-Aug-27 05:00 - Lorelei Lee gets machine pounded in both holes, DP and huge anal.

Lorelei Lee has been a Fuckingmachines Hall of Fame girl since her first shoot when she shuttered in full body orgasmic bliss as the naughty Alice in Machine Land.Thankfully not much has changed as this hot blond goes to town in the machine shop. We start this set with a vibrating egg inside her for the interview and after a distracting little chat, she strips down and goes right for the Intruder. Fuckzilla can't resist Lorelei's charms and fucks her from behind with his robotic dick and a demanding double penetration with the Crystal Palace has her screaming that trademark Lorelei squeal. After more anal and a pile driver shag with the Fucksall, Lorelei slips into after glow and bats those pretty blues at the lens in thanks. A great return shoot by a great model.
Also, be sure to check out the BehindKink piece - Cold Steel, Hot Flesh and the Intrigue of FuckingMachines - where Lorelei, machinists and other hot babes discuss on why they love machine fucking.


2008-Aug-20 05:00 - Amber Rayne gets plugged in both holes by fast fuckingmachines

The long awaited return of Amber Rayne to is here at last!
There is no denying Amber's sexual prowess as Ass Queen, Kinky Queen, and just plain Sex Queen. The shoot starts at mach 4 - with a high speed double penetration on the Twininserter and just soars from there. Amber shows off her love for it in the ass with double anal on the fucksall before moving on to a hard pussy fucking on the Intruder complete with an inflatable butt plug. This petite hottie relentlessly fucks our machines so stop reading this and start watching Amber because words really cannot sum up this shoot!


2008-Aug-13 05:00 - Blonde hottie, Jaelyn Fox gets machine rammed in her tight pussy.

Jaelyn Fox is a blond hottie who is no stranger to hard fucking. Today she tries the machines for the first time and quickly gets down to business, devouring the Predator for a nice warm up orgasm. She even challenges us to fuck her in her favourite position - pile driver. No problem! The Little Guy has her screaming and panting until she literally rolls away from the machine and is dizzy from cumming. And be forewarned - not only are Jaelyn's orgasms intense, she is LOUD! After some serious pounding, screaming big O's, the Sybian quickly finishes off Jaelyn's spent pussy.


2008-Aug-6 05:00 - Harmony, Charley, Ariel and Delilah machine fucking in the sun!

Harmony Rose, Delilah Strong, Charley Chase and AreilX are all machine fucking veterans but at BootyCamp their just a bunch of rookies! In part one of their intense weekend retreat, the four hotties endure a naked tit giggling workout in the blazing sun before hitting the fuckingmachines for the real stretch and strength training. Each girl posts up in a circuit of machines and it is on. Ariel ravages the BunnyFucker and Fucksall until she's squirting all over the camera lens and Charley has her trademark breathless, screaming orgasm with the Intruder. Harmony may not be able to do a sit up but watching her flex those abs and swallow cock going mach 4 on the fucksall more than makes up for it. And then there's Delilah - will she make it through the week? The exercise has her panting and cursing but the Hatchet has her smiling and screaming so it's hard to say. Day 1 is just the warm-up, next session - team training.


2007-Nov-6 16:00 - Babe with big tits and full ass gets machine fucked in both holes

Delilah Strong is a human fucking machine with a perfect round ass, big tits and a submissive desire to be fucked until she can take no more. Sounds like a challenge for Fuckingmachines best of babes file! We put her to the test first by tying her to the bed and then by turning up the machines. The tit suckers pull her nipples tightly into acrylic cylinders while The Dragon pounds orgasms out of her pussy and ass. It's the Little Guy that finally finishes her off as every time she pushes the out cock while cumming she is forced to take it deeper until she is completely spent.


2007-Oct-18 15:22 - Johanne Hadley for Fucking Machine 1000

If Johanne's not careful, our hydraulic fucking machine 1000 might poke her a brand new hole. Watch her take it down her throat, in her pink pussy and up her ass.

2007-Oct-9 17:00 - Blonde babe with big tits gets pussy banged by fucking machines

Brook Scott is loose in the machine shop with a table of big dicks, shelves full of machines and her wet pussy ready for action. It's hard to get Brooke to do anything without a vibrator but the relentless pulsing does help her take some big dongs and reload to cum again and again. She even has Fuckzilla aiming to please as his giant vibrating arm works her clit while the Rocker workers her pussy.
2007-Oct-2 17:00 - Sandra Romain rams Ariel in the pussy and ass with machine cock.

Sandra Romain takes home her favourite submissive, ArielX in this epic near hour and half update. The Lick-a-Chick loses a tongue it's spinning so fast as Sandra drives it over Ariel's eager clit. Ariel squirts nearly on command as Sandra fucks her pussy and tight ass. These two drip with sex and chemistry as Ariel obeys Sandra's every demand.
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